Oracle Licensing


Oracle Licensing

Oracle’s software licensing is complicated and changes on a regular basis. Due to the fact that Oracle has made so many products over the years and has been involved in so many acquisitions there have been a lot of changes in license metrics. On top of this, some applications have also gained new licenses. For some, it can seem overwhelming to understand and keep track of what the consequences for your business can be. Some common Oracle terms explained:

Oracle Databases

These can be really costly, and the licensing model hard to comprehend. Nonetheless, it is also possible that some database software is free of cost. But it you use this, keep track that Oracle does not end up changing the terms which causes you to end up with large costs later.

Oracle Licensing

Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) stands for the right to use various Oracle products for a specific amount of time. When this period ends, the user makes their usage clear and makes a list of licenses necessary. The user then gets authorization to use the licenses for the ULA covered products.

User Licensing

User based licensing goes way back. After some reformulations, it can now be explained as being about individuals or devices able to access the software, not regarding the active usage.  

Oracle License Management Services

The goal of this internal department is to provide assistance to users regarding the correct management of their software licenses, and assist in distribution.  

Oracle users can be assisted with:

  • Making sense of Oracle ownership rights and restraints
  • Passing on knowledge and best practices
  • Keeping track of licensing usage
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Cutting doen on future costs

Oracle Audits

Oracle audits can occur very regularly. A few businesses  even have yearly reviews. These audits are usually fairly complex and take a lot of time. It happens often that the licensee ends up with having to pay a fine.